Der Blog zu technischer Keramik

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Der Blog zu technischer Keramik

Der Blog zu technischer Keramik

A look back at the trends and topics at Hannover Messe 2022

With only a few exceptions, Steka has been represented at the world’s most important industrial trade fair every year since 1957. After a break due to corona, it was time again this year and we made our way to Hannover at the end of May. How our visit to the Hannover Messe went, what was talked about most and what our conclusion was, we would like to reveal in a short follow-up report.

Methods for the Specification of Novel Ceramics – a Research Project of the University of Innsbruck and Steka

In January 2018, in collaboration with the University of Innsbruck and Luxner Enigeneering ZT GmbH, we launched a joint K-Regio project. After three years of intensive research, we are very pleased to present the first results.

Additive manufacturing processes in technical ceramics – an overview from Steka’s point of view

We at Steka have been dealing with 3D printing for about 10 years and we assume that certain additive shaping processes in the field of technical ceramics will experience a breakthrough by 2025. We take a closer look to the top 3 additive manufacturing processes in technical ceramics.